About Me

I found myself in a place of stress, insomnia and fatigue twice in my lifeas a young graduate in 1989 and as a super-stressed business owner in 2016. My health, sleep and peace of mind had crumbled and I was burnt out. Both times, conventional medicine got me through the initial crisis but left me anxious to achieve ongoing positive changes.

Both times, homeopathy was the catalyst that led to calm, better sleep and restoration.

To me it was a revelation to find a practitioner who was willing to walk alongside me on my road to health. So I decided to train as a homeopath and now here I am, ready to make that journey with you. 

Path on the Sussex Downs
Lynette Norris - About Me

Before my training I had two careers – 18 years in production for pop promos, film and TV; then 11 years running a costume hire business. I've always loved working with people to transform their ideas into reality, and this underpins my focus on helping people to achieve their health goals. Teamwork and careful listening are everything to me!

Aside from work, I live on the outskirts of Brighton with my family and love to walk on the Downs with my terrier Cosmo. I try and do yoga every day and I'm a novice vegetable grower.

Free Discovery Call

I offer a free 30-minute discovery call so you can find out more about how I work.

I will be open about how I can help, so let's have a conversation!

Homeopathy education & work

Professional qualification from the College of Visionary Homeopathy

I'm registered with the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths and have written for their journal

I have recently attended training seminars on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the menopause, eczema, and CBD

Other highlights

BA (Hons), University of Sussex

Trained in Production Management,

National Film and TV School

18 years as Producer and Production Manager in film and TV

11 years running a costume hire business